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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you starting your own website or planning to get a job on this field, you must know about SEO. So, the question is What is SEO?
SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of showing the websites on the search engines. The web pages in the Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, are shown by the search engine optimization. If there is no proper SEO, the web page will not show in the search engines. Every website has to do the perfect SEO to rank their websites or web pages in the search engines.

How does a website or any web page will rank on a particular Keyword on the search engines like google, bing, yahoo is totally depended on SEO. 

So, mainly SEO is used to optimize the website or the web page. 

There are two types of SEO that should be done by every website owners to rank their websites or web pages in search engines: 1) On Page SEO, 2) Off Page SEO.

There are also two types of SEO techniques: 1) White Hat SEO, 2) Black Hat SEO.

To know in details about the SEO types and SEO techniques we can visit here!

History of SEO:

A challenging problem with writing a history of internet search engine optimization is the vague etiology of its birth. The term hunt engine optimization suggests a relevant history has to be contemplated after the maturation of search engines. A bothersome facet of the implication is that search engines and the Internet didn’t always have their contemporary form. For example, the Internet arguably can trace its roots back to 1958 when AT&T introduced the first commercial modem, enabling remote computers to communicate over ordinary telephone lines. Whilst the Internets technological origins were in usage, the term Internet didn’t really come into existence till December 1974 when the expression was adopted in Request for Comments 675 published online Transmission Control Program.

Around this same time, a worldwide web gained more prevalent use as ARPANET was interconnected with NSFnet to mean any internetwork using TCP/IP. As the Internet evolved, greater insight into the necessity to organize and find spread data prompted developers to make some means to hunt for information. This instrument didn’t resemble today’s contemporary type of an internet search engine with a front end graphic UI and rear finish complex calculations finding, collecting and coordinating information. Like the world wide web, search engines evolved since improvements were made in engineering, and as needs arose. For instance, in 1992, Gopher became the first internet search engine utilizing a hypertext paradigm. 

Just a year later, the graphical Mosaic browser enhanced Gophers largely text-based interface. About the exact same time, Wandex became the very first internet hunt engine to crawl that the web indexing and searching indexed web pages online. By 1998, the main search engines found today were in growth. Search engine optimization symptomatically grew out from the growth of hunt engines and the World Wide Web. As natural language hunt capabilities were designed in internet hunt engine tools, the relevancy of ranked results was discovered to have signed on traffic coming to web pages. As opposed to the web only being a collection of shared files, that the World Wide Web opened up concepts of e-commerce and online marketing. 

With new avenues of sales to be accumulated, firms found value in generating and promoting their websites. The earliest pioneers from the arena of Search engine optimization also found the Internet not only intriguing but a viable business money maker. For instance, in 1994, Greg Boser discovered that he could use the world wide web to sell protective foam equipment to fight fires. He built an internet site and began seeking ways to drive prospective clients to his site for sales. 

Similarly, in 1996, Christine Churchill discovered the possibility of Online marketing after she built websites for her employer and noted the intensive labor involved with maintenance. Her husband and a buddy developed software tools to reduce the burden.



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