Setup Google AMP on WordPress
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Do you use mobile for browsing most of the time? Then you must be familiar with this type of search results. 

Example of AMP SERP

 Here in this image, you can see the little FLASH sign in most of the SERP. It is used as the Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) sign.

It means the SERP with this sign has Setup Google AMP on their WordPress Website. 
Using this FLASH sign on the website means, the website will load in your mobile in a flash.

The main motto of Setup Google AMP on WordPress Website is Speeding up the loading time of the website in mobile devices. 
By using AMP you can improve your website speed in all mobile devices and Tabs also. 



What is Google AMP?

Google AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is more user-friendly and loads more faster in all Mobile Devices. It is the Open source that allows creating faster web content for Mobile users. 

Did I Implement Google AMP On my Website? 

Once I Implemented Google AMP to my Website. But now I’m not using AMP as I’m using the DIVI theme. This is what my website looks like on mobile devices while using Google AMP.

AMP on Website

It definitely Boosted up my website loading time in mobile devices. 

Before Implementing Google AMP

Here is the loading speed of my website before implementing Google AMP on my website. 

After implementing Google AMP

This the loading score of my website after implementing Google AMP.
You can see the difference. You can speed up more by customizing more your website. 
For setting up Google AMP on my Website, it helps me in ranking also. Some of my articles are ranked in Mobile devices but not in Desktop because of implementing AMP on my Website. 

Pros & Cons Of Google AMP On Your Website 

Using Google AMP is not only beneficial. On the basis of user experience, Google AMP has some Pros & some Cons. 

Pros Of Google AMP

  • Improves the loading speed of your website. 
  • Generate more traffic from Mobile Devices.
  • More Traffic means more conversion. 
  • Improving in Google ranking.
  • Improved User Experience. 
Cons Of Google AMP

  • Google AMP uses limited programs (HTML, JS) so that you can not use widgets or sidebar in your AMP version of the website.  
  • It supports Google Analytics but might have some problems with other Analytics.

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Setup Google AMP On Your WordPress Website

Setting up Google AMP on your WordPress Website is quite easy. You need to install the AMP for WP plugin. 
If you don’t know to install plugins read our article on How to Install a WordPress Plugin

After installing the plugin you will see an AMP option in the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. 

AMP for WP

Let’s go to the Settings 

  • The first thing you need to do in the general settings is, upload a logo of your website for mobile devices. Then you need to enable AMP Support. You can enable AMP support for your Pages, Posts, Categories, Home Page, etc. You can also add a custom front page for your website on the mobile devices.

General Settings For AMP

  • The Page Builder section is for creating AMP pages like Custom FrontPage. You can find this Custom AMP page creator option in the normal page builder for WordPress. 
  • The Advertisement section is for Google AdSense. You can add up to 6 ads in your blog posts. 
  • In the SEO section, you have to select the SEO plugin that you are using for your SEO stuff. 

SEO settings for AMP

  • Leave the PWA section if you want.
  • In the Performance section enable the minify option.
  • In the Analytics section, you can choose your Analytics platform (Google Analytics) and enter the Tracking ID. You can also enter your Advance Google Analytics Code.  
  • Then leave all the settings and come over to the Advanced settings. Here is the main work. You need to turn on the Mobile Redirection, otherwise, your pages or post will not be able to load in AMP format. You can use AMP links in Tablets also.
    For enabling this option, the URLs will show like this –

Advanced settings for AMP

Time for little designing

  • Here in the Design section, you can customize your AMP version of the website. You can choose between 4 free themes to customize your site. 
  • Here you can customize your home page, single blog posts, you can add social handles, you can add a navigation menu. You can customize the header and footer. 

Customization for AMP

You can customize whatever you want. 

After all the customization and editing don’t forget to click the save changes button. It will apply all the changes that you made. Now your website is successfully implemented with Google AMP. 

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Extra Tips :

  • After successfully implementing Google AMP on WordPress Website you need to submit the Sitemap to your Google Search Console
  • In a few days, your all AMP links will be indexed in Google. You can find this in your Search Console. In the Enhancements section, you will find all the necessary details about AMP links. 

AMP details in Search Console


Final Words :

As you can see, there are some advantages of using Google AMP and there are also some disadvantages of using Google AMP. So make sure if you want to setup Google AMP on WordPress Website or leave it with the responsive design. Also, the AMP designs are up to you. You can customize as per your need.

I hope this guide will help you in Setup Google AMP on WordPress Website. 



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