Must-have SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

How about analyzing your competitor with SEO Extensions For Google Chrome in the field of blogging?

If you are a blogger or trying to start a blog then you have to research some new things every day online to check or analyze your competitor. That could be the Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Domain Score Checking, SEO Audit, Website Rank Checking and many more.

There are so many paid and free tools available for this work. But every single time you don’t want to get in those sites and analyze what you want. This is very time spending and sometimes boring also. 
So avoid this boringness and save you time every browser have some Extensions or you may say Plugins or add-ons. That helps the above work done quite easily. 

Most of the people use Google Chrome while browsing on the internet. Google Chrome is also the fastest browser. So in this article, I am going to discuss some SEO Extensions For Google Chrome, which are absolutely free to download and use.
Before we get started you must visit SEO Types & SEO Techniques.

SEO Extensions For Google Chrome

Not only SEO Extensions, but Google Chrome Web Store also has thousands of Extensions that can be used in different fields. So there are lots of SEO Extensions as well in the Chrome Web Store. 

Must-have SEO Extensions For Google Chrome:

Too much use of extensions can affect your browsing. So here is the list of Must Have SEO Extensions For Google Chrome that will help you in all SEO factors.

Keywords Everywhere :

SEO Extensions For Google ChromeThe name says it all. 
If you are a blogger or trying to start a blog, the main thing you need to do is Keyword Research. Keyword researching is the most important part of starting a website or blog. There is a lot of tools that you can use for keyword research, some of them are paid and some of them are free. There is also Googles’ own product, that is Keyword Planner. But you can not use them all the time. That is why Google Chrome uses such Extensions.  


  • Whenever you search something on google or use a particular keyword as the search term, the extension always shows you the Searching volume (per month), CPC, Competition of the Keyword just below the search box. 
    SEO Extensions For Google Chrome
  • It will show you a list of Related Keywords with the Volume, CPC, Competition in the side-bar. You can also export them to CSV.
    SEO Extensions For Google Chrome
  • At the bottom of the search results, there is a “related search section”, which is from Google itself. Keywords Everywhere SEO Extension add Volume, CPC & Competition in those keywords also. 
    SEO Extensions For Google Chrome
  • If you want to know the searching volume of a keyword in any particular country, you can do that also by selecting the country in which you want to rank your website.  You can also change the currency for the selected country to show the CPC. 

To use this SEO Extension you need the free API key. By signing up with your email ID you can generate the API key and validate it and use the extension. 

MozBar SEO Toolbar :

SEO Extensions For Google ChromeMozBar is one of the best SEO Extension that you can use to check DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) and many more. It is the free extension from MOZ itself. While viewing any SERP, the extension gives instant metrics. 


  • Whenever you search anything in google, the extension gives the exact DA, PA of the SERP. 
    SEO Extensions For Google Chrome
  • When you open a website, MozBar will show you the above same along with Spam Score and total links counted by MOZ.
    SEO Extensions For Google Chrome
  • With this extension, you can also analyze the web page and also can check the Internal, External, Follow & Nofollow links in the web page.
  • To use more features, you will need a premium subscription plan of MOZ. 

To use this extension you need to create a free account in MOZ.

SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis :

SEO Extensions For Google ChromeIf you want to know the Global rank or country rank & the Traffic of any particular website then this is for you. SimilarWeb gives you quick handy data about the website you want. You can visit also the main website for more details. 


  • Whit this extension you can know the rank of any particular website and that is also in three phase – 1) Global, 2) Country, 3) Category
    SEO Extensions For Google Chrome
  • You can also view the Traffic overview including Monthly Visit, Average Visit Duration, Page per Visit, Bounce Rate, of any website.
    SEO Extensions For Google Chrome
  • You can also see which country is generating more traffic on any website along with the traffic source. 
    SEO Extensions For Google Chrome
  • To access more feature of the extension you can visit the official website. 

SEOquake :

SEO Extensions For Google ChromeSEOquake is one of the best SEO Extension which gives you most of the major metrics that you need to know about any website or any of your competitors. SEOquake is a product from SEMrush. This extension is totally free to use. 


  • Whenever you search for anything in Google, the extension will show a detailed overview of every SERP. You can also adjust them by setting new parameters. 
    SEO Extensions For Google Chrome
  • You can audit SEO of any pages using the extension. 
  • You can also know the keyword of any web page, for which the article is ranking on Google. 
  • You can also see the number of Backlinks of any website. For a full report on Backlinks, you will need a premium SEMrush subscription.
  • This extension also comes with Traffic Analytics, Website Ranking, Page indexed, Social metrics, a brief concept of displaying advertisement and many more. 
    SEO Extensions For Google Chrome

You can freely download and use it in your chrome from directly from the Chrome Web Store or from SEOquake official website.

SEOminion :

SEO Extensions For Google ChromeIf you want to build links then SEOminion extension is for you. You can check all the links of any website along with SERP preview, On-page SEO Analyze and many more audit with this extension.


  • You can Analyze full On-page SEO with this extension.
  • You can find all the links including external links, internal links, follow and no-follow links fo any webpages.
  • The feature of this extension is finding broken links of any website, which is one of the best technique to build links. You can find 404 Links, No Domain Links, Empty Links, Redirects, Server Errors, etc. which are denoted with different colors. You can also see the actual links in the section below.
    SEO Extensions for Chrome

You can download and use it totally free.

Page Analytics by Google :

SEO Extensions For Google ChromeIf you are a blogger then you must know about Google Analytics and you must use it. So Google itself created an extension for Chrome users to know the analytics report in a single click. You can use this extension only on your own website. 


  • With this extension, you can view all the Analytics Metrics. Total User on the page, Active user on the page, the Bounce rate of your webpage, On-page clicks, Average time on page and many more. 
    SEO Extensions for Chrome

To use this extension you need to create a Google Analytics account.


You can use all of the above extension if you want. This will absolutely help you with your SEO work or your research. As you can see there are lots of extension in the Chrome Web Store, But too much use of extension can affect your browsing experience. That is why we created a short list of must-have SEO extensions for Google Chrome.


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