How to install a wprdpress plugin

Do you have a website in WordPress?
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You know it’s easy to create a blog or website using WordPress. In WordPress, you don’t need to do any sort of coding, programming. You just need to install a theme for your website and need to install the plugins in WordPress, that is necessary to create your website. Install WordPress plugins to create premium looking websites. There is a lot of WordPress Plugins for every type of needs. From an Image Slider to all the necessary SEO stuff, all can be handled by the WordPress Plugins.

Note: You can use Plugins in, in you can not install any plugins.


If you trying to start a new website or blog with WordPress then you must know, How to install a WordPress Plugin
So in this article, we will show how to install a WordPress Plugin.

How to install a WordPress Plugin :

As you know that creating a website using WordPress is so easy. Installing plugins in WordPress is also quite easy. You can easily install any plugin you want. These Plugin installations can be done in three simple methods. 

Method No.1: Install a Plugin By Searching

This is the simplest way to install a WordPress Plugin. As we all know there are thousands of plugins available in WordPress, which are free to install and use. You can install any WordPress Plugins using this method in a few steps.

Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Plugin > Install Now > Activate

1) To install these plugins you need to log in to your WordPress Admin Panel (Dashboard). In the left sidebar, you will see an option named Plugins. By clicking the Plugins option a new window will open which will be about the list of installed plugins.
searching method of installing a wordpress plugin

2) You will see two options to add new plugins. By clicking any of them you will be taken to a new window of WordPress Plugins. There you can search by the name of the plugin which one you want to install. 
searching method of installing a wordpress plugin

3) By clicking the Install Now button you can install the plugins. Now the plugin is installed. But you can not use them now. To use the installed plugins you need to activate them. After the installation, the Install Now button will be changed into the Activate button. Click the Activate button to activate the plugin. Once the plugin is activated it will redirect to the list of installed plugins page with the Plugin activation message.
searching method of installing a wordpress plugin

Method No.2: Install a WordPress Plugin By Uploading

This method is mainly used for installing a premium plugin or a plugin which is downloaded from a different place. Here you have to upload your plugin which will be in .zip format.

Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose File > Install Now > Activate Plugin

1) Here you need to access to the Add New page of Plugins same as the 1st method. In the Add new page, you will see an option named Upload plugin. By clicking the Upload Plugin button a new pop-up will be open to upload your plugin.
uploading method of installing a wordpress plugin

2) Click on Choose file option to choose the file of the plugin which you downloaded from another place. After choosing the file click on the Install Now button. 
Note: The uploading file have to be in .zip format
uploading method of installing a wordpress plugin

3) After clicking the Install Now button, a new plugins installation page will open from where you can Activate the plugin and also can return to your installed plugin page.
uploading method of installing a wordpress plugin

4) By clicking Activate Now you will be redirected to the Installed Plugins page.
uploading method of installing a wordpress pluginYou can see here the Premium Plugin is Successfully installed.

Method No.3: Install a WordPress Plugin Manually Using FTP

This is the last method of installing a Plugin in WordPress. If you are a beginner then this method is not recommended to you. For this method, you need to log in to your hosting provider account. 

This method is used for uploading a Premium Plugin or uploading a Plugin which is downloaded from another place.

This method is also used to delete Plugins when your website is crashing for installing any unwanted plugin when you can not log in to your dashboard for this problem. You can solve those problems by using the FTP method.

Login to Hosting Account > Login to cPanel > File Manager > public_html > wp-content > plugins > upload > select and upload the .zip file >  extract the .zip file

1) First, log in to your WordPress Hosting provider Account and log in to your cPanel with your credentials. Then open your File Manager (FTP). Navigate to public_html > wp-content > plugins.
You will see the list of your plugins there. At the top, you will see an Upload button. Click on that.
Ftp method

2) After clicking the button a new window will open from where you can select the downloaded .zip file and upload it. 
Ftp method

3) After the installation, go back to the previous page and refresh the page. You will see the .zip file in the plugin list, which you just uploaded. You need to extract the .zip file there. 
To extract the file left click on the file then a list of option will be shown, choose the extract option there. 
Ftp method of installing a wordpress pluginAfter extracting the file you will see the plugin file in the plugin list
Ftp method Now go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Installed Plugins list, You will see the newly installed plugin there. It will be automatically activated. If it does not then activate the plugin and you’re done.
Ftp method of installing a wordpress plugin

These were the three simple way to install a WordPress Plugin. If this Plugin installation guide helps you, don’t forget to share it. 


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