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Creating a Contact Form is essential if you have a website. It helps you easily connect with your audience. They can easily communicate with you to know about your products or services.

So, in this tutorial, I will show you How To Create a Contact Form in WordPress. Also, you can use the Contact Form on your Contact Page, Sidebar or anywhere you want.

Why you need a Contact Form on your WordPress Website?

Before starting the tutorial, you need to know why to create a contact form on your website. There are several reasons for creating a contact form on your WordPress website.

  • Spam email Protection: Nowadays spamming is everywhere. Spammers regularly scrape websites to find emails. If you post your email directly to your website, spammers will add your email to their list and you will start receiving lots of spam emails every day. Creating a contact form will help protect your email from spammers because your email address will not be visible.
  • Exact Information That You Need: When someone wants to contact you, they do not provide the exact information you want. If you create a contact form, you can ask for all the information you need to know.
  • Easy Way To Communicate With People: A simple contact form allows your audience to easily contact you for your service. It also helps a brand get in touch with you about sponsorship.


How To Create A Contact Form With WPForms Lite Plugin

There are many plugins to create a contact form in WordPress.
In this tutorial, we will use the WPForms Lite plugin to create contact forms in a completely free and easy way. 

Why WPForms Lite Plugin? 

There are many plugins to create such a contact form in WordPress, but I will use the WPForms Lite plugin for the following reasons.

  1. WPForms Lite is absolutely FREE.
  2. Easy drag and drop builder to create a contact form easily.
  3. User-friendly interface which is great for beginners. 

In this tutorial we will create the following simple form. 

Demo Contact Form

So, let’s get into the step by step tutorial.

Step 1 : Install & Activate The WPForms Lite Plugin

So the first thing you need to do is install the WPForms Lite plugin.

You can install the plugin on your website by logging into your WordPress dashboard. Then go to Plugin > Add newThen type WPForms Lite in the search box and click on the install now button. After downloading the plugin Activate it. 


Install WPForms Lite Plugin


Step 2 : Create Your First WordPress Contact Form

Once you download and activate the plugin, you are ready to create your first contact form in WordPress. 

Now, go to your WordPress dashboard and go to the WPForms menu and click on AddNew. 

Add New Contact Form

After clicking the Add New button, a new window will open. From here you need to create a name and select a template for your contact form. After naming the form click on the Create a Simple Contact Form

Template for your contact form

By clicking the button, it will open the drag and drop builder to create a contact form. It will also create a simple contact form for you.  

Drag & Drop Builder

You can drag the fields that you want to display in your contact form from the Standard Field options. 

There are two more field options – Fancy Fields & Payment fields, which are available in the WPForms Pro.


Step 3 : Configure & Customize Your WordPress Contact Form

Once you’ve created the form, you can edit the fields if you want. For that, you need to click the field you want to edit. From the field options, you can edit the field as per your needs.

Here you can set the field is required or not. You can change the name of your field and add a description (not needed). You can also choose the format of the field.

Field Options

There are also notification and confirmation settings. Once you’ve created your first contact form, it’s time to configure the form.

From the notification section, you will receive messages/notification from your contact form in your email (associated with your WordPress) inbox. I recommend you not to change any settings from this notification section

In the confirmation settings, it displays a confirmation message to your visitors who fill out and submit the contact form. Here you can display a message, you can redirect to another URL or even your own page.

Notification & Confirmation Settings


Step 4 : Adding WordPress Contact Form In Pages

Now that you have created your WordPress Contact Form, you need to add it to your Contact Us Page or any page that you want. For this, you need to create a page. You can create a page by clicking Pages > Add New

By Block Editor

If you use block editor to create your page, click Add Block and type WPForms in the search box

Adding contact from with block editor

After that, a dialog box will open from where you need to select your contact form. After selecting the contact form, It will appear right there. 

Contact Form in Block Editor

By Classic Editor

The classic editor has an Add Form button next to the Add Media button. After clicking the Add Form button, you need to select the contact form. 

Classic editor contact forms

After selecting the form it will add a little code for the contact form. After saving and previewing the page you will see the contact form there.

Contact form code in classic editor

By Embedding :

You can add your contact form by embedding it on your page. You can do this quite easily.

While creating the contact form you will see an Embed button at the top right just before the Save button. By clicking the Embed button, it will give you an embedding code for the contact form. You need to copy the code from there and paste it in your Contact Page. 

Adding contact Form By Embedding


Adding WordPress Contact Form In Sidebar

You can also add your contact form to the sidebar. For this, you need to go to Appearance > Widgets. There you will find the WPForms widget. Drag the widget to your sidebar. Then select the contact form you want to display in your sidebar.

Add Contact Form In Your Sidebar

Enable & Add Google reCAPTCHA

Adding Google reCAPTCHA to the WordPress Contact Form protects you from bots and spammers. So you must enable Google reCAPTCHA to improve your own website. 

Enabling reCAPTCHA is easy. Go to Google reCAPTCHA and click on Admin Console. You need to create an account there. There will be a simple form to fill out with your website name, email, company name or your own name and type of reCAPTCHA. 

Once you fill out the form, it will give you the site key and the secret key

Site key and secret key for reCAPTCHA

Once you get both the keys you need to paste the keys in the reCAPTCHA section. You can find the Google reCAPTCHA section in WPForms > Settings > reCAPTCHA. Paste the keys in their respective sections and click on the Save button.

Paste the site key & secret key

In the next step, go to WPForms > All Forms and edit the form where you want to use the reCAPTCHA. Then click on the reCAPTCHA option in the editor. This will enable reCAPTCHA and show you this message. 

reCAPTCHA enable message

Now Google reCAPTCHA will appear in your WordPress contact form. 

Your WordPress Contact Form is totally ready.

Final WordPress Contact Form


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