How to Add an Image in WordPress

It looks boring when you create a post in normal text format. If you add image on WordPress posts or pages, it looks more eye-catchy and it engages more people to read your article. So adding images in WordPress is one of the most useful points for your article. 

Why Do You Need To Add Image On WordPress Post?

There are various reasons to add image on WordPress post. 

  • Your post will look more attractive when you use images in it. 
  • Uses of the accurate image make a clear vision to the visitors. 
  • It engages more users that’s mean less Bounce Rate. 
  • Article with images has a better chance to rank on Google. 
  • You can link your images with affiliate links for better conversion. 

How to Add an Image on WordPress

Adding an image in WordPress Post or Pages is very easy. You can easily add as many images as you want in your post or pages. 

  1. Find the position where you want to insert your image in the post or page.
  2. In the top bar of your classic editor, there will be an Add Media Button. Click on the button to add an image on WordPress Post or Pages. After clicking the button a new window will open.
    Add Media Button in Classic Editor
  3. From here you can select the images that you want to use in your post or pages.  After selecting the image you will see a sidebar section from where you can add Title, Alt Text, Description of the image. You can also adjust the alignment of your image with the text on your post, you can add a link to your images from the sidebar. 
  4. After adding the image on your post you can edit the image as per you want. by clicking on the image you will see these options.
    Here the first 4 options are to Alignment your image. From here you can align your image as you want.
    Align leftThis option is to Align Left your image with the text.
    Align centerThis option is to Align Center your image with the text.
    Align RightThis option is to Align Right your image with the text.
    No AlignmentIf you want no Alignment you can use this option. 
  5. In the edit option, you can edit your image as per you want. Here you can add Alt Tag, Caption of your image, you can change the size also. You can add a link to your image in here and many more in the advanced options. 

This is the all that you need to know about Adding images in WordPress Post or Pages.


Every time use the Featured Image for your article. It is used to represent your post with an image. It is also called the post tumbalian. Using a Feature Image is more helpful to the reader to know about the article by seeing the image only. 

In your classic editor in the bottom sidebar, there is an option to add a Feature Image. From there you can easily add your Feature Image.


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