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Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Our goal is to help you people in creating a proper SEO optimised WordPress or Blogger website with proper Tutorials & Guidance. Not only these, we also helping you by monetize your online content through Affiliate Marketing and more. We also have the best picks of the Plugins & Themes.

Indranil Paul

Editor (front end & back end)

All of the Technical work done by Indranil. Including Front end & Back end editing. All the necessary informations are managed by Indranil.

Saswata Chakraborty

Content Writer

Great Content Writer. From start to now all the articles written by Saswata. Also all the Social Networks handled by Saswata.


Hello everyone! I am Sawswata Chakraborty. The owner and Founder of NilTuts.com
and my partner Indranil Paul Technical editor of this site.

We just wanted to help people with all the knowledge we have to create a proper SEO optimized WordPress or Blogger website. Our aim is to help people creating a Blog or Website and make money from there by monetizing their content. We have created such short tutorial blog posts on these topics to help the people who need it.
If you have any questions, you can freely ask in our Contact page.
Thank You 🙂


In this category we have some Tutorials and best picks of Plugins & Themes

Affiliate Marketing

In this category we have Tutorials on Monetizing your Online Content with Affiliate Marketing.


In this category we have some Tutorials on Blogger.


In this category we have some SEO techniques that is use to optimize the web pages.